Work: New Year, New Hand Bag!!!

New Year’s Resolution? New Handbag!! This year, save the self analysis and drama, and resolve to get yourself a fabulous work bag that does everthing you need it to and also makes you look fabulous.

My work handbag is one of my most relied upon accessories. It gets absolutely abused. Stretched, hung, overfilled, shoved into airline recesses, shoved around, and generally speaking if my handbag filed a case at the local police station for misuse it may well get a decent hearing! With the New Year approaching (not to mention an amazing selection of sales currently available), why not consider a new bag to get you from home to work to bar and everywhere in between?

I actually run a couple of handbags at a time, mostly because I am fussy enough to bother changing my handbag to match my shoes. My current workhorse most days of the week is a Michael Kors impulse airport purchase I made at LAX a couple of years ago. It is a Hamilton Large tote, which has been a great friend to me. The main thing I consider when buying a new bag for work is space and functionality.

My new work handbag must haves:

  • Enough pockets to effectively separate my keys, phone, make up and business cards
  • Enough space to fit my lap top and ipad
  • Sections!! Ideally the main compartment is divided into 2 sections – one for laptop etc and the other compartment is for the myriad of other things I for some reason need to carry around with me
  • Shoulder strap – I can’t count how many times this has been a lifesaver. Whilst I prefer to carry my bag on my arm, when I need to juggle a few things that shoulder strap pays dividends

My current squeeze:


Want to stand out from the crowd?

I don’t know about you but I really hate seeing my handbag everywhere. I much prefer it to be classic, yet different enough that everyone who has been to a major shopping centre in the past 3 months probably has one.

For that reason, these 2 brands are very high on my love list at the moment. The Daily Edited and I are in the passions of early love. It is a gorgeous brand I have fallen head over heels with. Check out their Instagram to get why (Instagram @thedailyedited). My cousin introduced me to this brand which monograms its luxury leather products, and I haven’t looked back since. Based in Sydney, and with a 5 day turnaround to Australian clients, what’s not to love?

Check out their monogrammed tote – perfect for work!!


The second brand, Charles & Keith, is a long time love of mine. With no stores in Australia, you are relying on an airport stopover in Changi airport or somewhere lucky enough to have a store in the airport or on your travels. Reminiscent of far more expensive luxury brands (unsurprisingly, given LVMH has an ownership stake – hello!!), they are an affordable yet individual product that is in my experience incredibly functional, and retaining the high quality required by my abusive handbag ownership style. With great colour options for pretty much every range, I never walk out of this store with just one item. Side note: Amazing shoes and sunnies also, but that is a story for another day.


Another brand that is always a safe bet for a solid handbag choice is Oroton. A traditionally expensive brand renowned for their high quality, they also have some great sales at their outlet stores with up to 70% off

Check out a few more of my favourites below – and happy handbag shopping!!


Charles & Keith Gusseted Work Bag (Teal)






Charles & Keith Work Handbag (Nude)

Oroton 1

Oroton Alpine Chain tote (Black)

Oroton 2

Oroton Henri Shopper Tote (Tan)