As the daughter of an airline employee, my fate of being a travel addict was sealed early. By the age of 10 I had travelled throughout Europe, USA and Australia, which makes me incredibly lucky given how many people don’t get to these places throughout their entire lifetime.

This early start to travel fuelled my interest in seeing other cultures, going to new places, and getting off the beaten path.

While I love seeing landmark places and the big cities, nothing gets me more excited than finding my next ‘secret spot’ that few other people have ever heard of before, but it is all I can think about!

Nothing makes me feel happier than being able to share the amazing adventures I have had with friends and family to help them recreate their own next adventure, even better when they can learn from things I would do differently next time. That is the idea of this site, to put all of those random bits and pieces into one place.

Enjoy the tips and feel free to comment and share your own!


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