Product Review: DriPro Waterproof iPhone 6 case

Sometimes you come across one of those rare products that you are just so relieved to have in your life. I was lucky enough to have this experience recently with the DriPro iPhone 6 waterproof case.

I was given a DriPro iPhone 6 Waterproof case for Christmas (thanks Mum), and wow, talk about the gift that keeps on giving. We were about to embark on a self sailing catamaran trip around the Whitsunday Islands, so the thought behind the gift was that it would be handy for the boat, being around the water, etc for when it got wet.

And it undoubtedly was. Being waterproof up to 10 metres, that was absolutely a huge benefit. But there were 2 very pleasant surprises for me that I hadn’t expected that made this product an absolute winner. Maybe my expectations were fairly low, but all I was really needing from the DriPro case was protection from the water. I didn’t realise the other awesome positives about the case.

First pleasant surprise was the sand & wind protection. As demonstrated in the below photos, the day we were at Whitehaven Beach was incredibly windy. Perfect for us, because my partner is a kite surfer (which needs a reasonably strong wind). As any kite surfer or partner of a kite surfer, the wind is pretty much a pain for all other things while on the beach. For example, getting gritty sand in your iPhone nooks and crannies (that never ever ever seems to come out) while you are getting your sunscreen out of your bag is business as  usual. Likewise, trying to set a towel down flat on the beach, only to either get blown all over the place or ends up covered in sand anyway (again, demonstrated in the below photos!). But with all this wind created chaos, and silica sand literally EVERYWHERE in every piece of everything we brought to the beach, the one place the silica sand did not breach, happily, was the DriPro case. Leaving my iPhone happily sand free!



As you can see, some SERIOUS sand action going on here.







The second thing I really wasn’t expecting from this product was how decent the photo quality would be through the case. In my mind, any pictures I took on the iPhone with the wind whipping at me were likely to be garbage anyway, but actually once we got back to dry land (well, our boat, at least), I was really happy with the photos, even through the plastic case (example below).



Another benefit was that we could take it anywhere. We trekked for an hour in steamy humid tropical QLD conditions – I would estimate 35 degrees Celsius by 7am kind of weather. And when we got to the top, the trek was worth it!! To be honest, the below photo was taken out of the case. But it does demonstrate that it was a decent hike up that mountain, and if I didn’t have the phone in the Dri Pro, it would have been all sweaty and feral in a pocket somewhere, or tucked into workout gear collecting germs (ew). Instead, I used the velcro arm band and strapped it on for the walk. Happy Days!!


Anyway, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just like to share things that work for me on my adventures, and this one definitely did. I should also throw a mention to Queensland Yacht Charters for the catamaran that got us to the incredibly windy Whitehaven Beach to put this product to the test!! (Also, sadly, not sponsored, haha).

We go on as many kite surfing holidays as we can, and this bad boy will be coming with us on all future adventures! Thanks DriPro!!